Looking for the best kitchen tools for meal prep? Check out these brilliant kitchen supplies that are meal prep must haves.

Are you worried that meal prepping is going to be hard? Don’t fret! These are some of the best supplies that make meal prep a cinch. You don’t have to fear the two words “meal prep” any longer. In fact, these simple supplies just might show you how easy and fun it really can be to meal prep!

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While many people tend to think that meal prepping and planning is just too hard and complicated, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can easily make meal prep super fast and simple just by adding in a few optional items. And I say optional because they aren’t a requirement by any means, but they can help break it down and be that much more fun!

11 Kitchen Supplies That Make Meal Prep So Much Easier!

The reason that many people feel like they’re running in circles when it comes to meal prepping is that they’re worried that everything is going to be hard. Between you and me? It doesn’t have to be!

In fact, if you introduce these simple supplies into your meal prep plan, you can confidently say that meal prepping is actually one of the easiest parts of your week!

Meal prep supplies and tools

How can I make meal prep easier?

Honestly, there are a lot of different ways that you can make meal prep easier. Start by really getting a solid plan on how you want to coordinate your meals for the week. That’s the most simple way to get started in an easy fashion. Once you can do that, the rest will fall into place.

How do you successfully meal prep?

This is what everyone is striving for but not everyone achieves. Success is going to be different for each and every person but if you can stay on track consistently and meet the goals that you set for yourself, I think that’s a pretty great success rate for meal prep.

Here are some supplies that really do make meal prepping a total breeze!

  • Instant Pot

    Is there nothing that the Instant Pot can’t do? It’s such an awesome kitchen appliance that can cook anything and everything in bulk. If you’re looking for a way to cook up big batches of rice, meat, vegetables or soup, you can’t go wrong using this.So many people tend to only think of using their Instant Pot for quick and easy dinners but it has so much more potential than that. You can work it to the max and have it prepping the majority of your meals easily.


  • Measuring Cups

    Meal prepping is all about the planning and the measuring. If you’re doing it to lose weight or eat healthier, you’re probably going to be paying really close attention to your portion sizes of the good that you’re going to eat.This is where you can’t take the chance of guessing and you need to make certain that you’re measuring out the food items and putting them in the containers that they need to go into. Portions do matter with meal prep so make certain that you are accurate in your measuring with measuring cups like these.


  • Crockpot (or slow cooker)

    Even though I’m a huge fan of the quickness and efficiency of the Instant Pot, let’s just say that I have a deep appreciation for the slow cooker as well. Personally, I think the traditional slow cooker slow cooks better than the Instant Pot. I love how I can turn it on, leave the house, and have the entire place smelling like food. It’s so great to use during the cold months as well as it just screams “hearty and warm”. Plus, you can make a lot of one thing in the crockpot as well so it’s ideal for bulking up recipes for meal prep.  Storage containers
  • Dressing and Condiment containers

    You can make your meal prep food taste a little better with the right dressing and condiments. Having small containers like these can keep your greens fresh until it’s time to eat them. You can also store more seasoning, nuts, shredded cheese, or whatever you can think of to help make your meal even more delicious.


  • Baking Sheet

    For easy roasting and toasting of meats and vegetables, a good baking sheet will help you cook things evenly. You should have at least two of these baking sheets in the case that you want one of these for meats and one of these for vegetables.


  • Food Scale

    If you plan on being strict with your meal prep portions, then you’ll want to invest in a proper food scale like this. Be sure to have ones that does ounces or grams depending on the meal prep recipe you find.


  • Personal Blender

    Part of my meal prep is to make healthy smoothies. I have this personal blender that blends about multiple servings of a smoothie. Having a great blender will help blend frozen fruit and green vegetables much easier and quicker.


  • Meal Planning Note Pad

    As the saying goes “A failure to plan is a plan for failure”. Successful meal prep and meal planning means that you do have to plan your meals consistently. This meal planning note pad had two columns so you can plan your meals for the week and your shopping list for any groceries you need to pick up. This list is magnetic and it’s perforated.


  • Cooler Lunch Bag

    If you’re taking your meals on the go, then you should have a proper cooler lunch bag to keep your meals safe and leak-proof. This cooler lunch bag has two compartments which for me is great since I can have my meals in one compartment and my smoothie in another.

These simple supplies can really make your meal prep process a total cinch! The more that you can use appliances and gadgets, the easier the entire planning process can be!

Do you have any supplies for meal prep that you would recommend?


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