Are you looking for some super simple ways to save money on meal prep? If so, you aren’t alone! Millions of people want to learn how to effectively meal prep but aren’t quite certain how to make it work within their budget. These simple money saving tips can really help and keep your meal prepping budget on point!

It’s no surprise that meal prepping is quite popular, but it might not be for the sole reason that you think it is. While it’s true that people love to meal plan and prep because of how quick and simple of a process it is, they also love the fact that it gives them the ability to save money as well.

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Do you save money by meal prepping?

If you meal prep and you aren’t saving any money, you just might not be doing it right! As long as you carefully plan out your meals and prep properly, you should be able to cut down your grocery bill by quite a lot. Saving money is something that you should theoretically be able to do every single week.

Is meal prepping a service that people will actually pay for?

Even though this might seem a little off base, it’s something that I have to point out! Did you know that people pay good money to have their meals prepped and prepared by others?! Not only would this give you a chance to fine-tune your meal prep skills, but it would also be a great way to earn money as well. (and when you’re earning money meal prepping for someone else, that’s a huge savings for your own budget because you’re bringing in that much more extra income!)

Money Saving Tips For Meal Prepping, Easy Budget Meal Prep Advice #mealprep #mealprepping #mealpreplife #mealpreptips #mealprepideas #mealprepsundays

Money Saving Tips For Meal Prepping

Now that I’ve hopefully convinced you that there is a way to save money by meal prepping, let’s dive into some other great money saving tips!

    • Set a weekly budget and stick to it
      Just because you’re meal prepping doesn’t mean that you get to blow the food budget. You need to be certain that you’re sticking to the monthly money allotment and being creative when shopping. Meal prepping can be very successful but only if you’re setting yourself and your finances up for success.


    • Buy meats when it’s on sale and freeze it
      This is one of the easiest ways to save money! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the grocery store to find a great deal on beef or chicken. I’ll immediately add it to my cart, even though it might not be on my meal plan for the week. However, I know without a doubt that by buying it at this cheaper price and freezing it for later, I’m actually saving a lot of money this way.
      Any time that you’re at the store and can grab discounted food, it’s a super simple way to cut down on your weekly grocery budget. Meats will freeze easily without worry for several months so you can know without a doubt that you’ll be using it up within the next couple weeks or months.
      You won’t believe how much money this will actually keep in your pocket as well. When meat goes on discount, you can save anywhere from $3-$5 (or more) per pound!


    • Use Frozen Or Canned Veggies
      Similar to freezing meet, you can also use frozen or canned vegetables if you are on a strict budget. Fresh might be best but it might not always be on sale. The good thing is there are a lot more options for ORGANIC frozen vegetables now. All you have to do is heat them on on the stovetop or in the microwave.


    • Use Generic Brands
      If you are particularly brand-loyal, then using generic foods can definitely save you money. Often, most people can’t tell the difference between their favorite food brands and the generic brands. 


    • Clip Coupons
      Clipping coupons can be done online to keep think even simpler. But good old paper coupons can still save a lot of money. Sign up on the email lists of your favorites grocery stores so you can plan ahead on when to shop.


Money Saving Tips For Meal Prepping, Easy Budget Meal Prep Advice #mealprep #mealprepping #mealpreplife #mealpreptips #mealprepideas #mealprepsundays

    • Buy in bulk
      Some foods can be cheaper per unit if you buy in bulk. You just have to make sure they will keep. Potatoes are generally cheaper when you buy the bigger bag. The same goes for onions. 


    • Hit up the Farmer’s Market
      For some really good deals, you can try shopping at your local farmer’s market, especially when your ingredient is in season. Farmers will almost have a surplus of these foods and they’re more likely to be at a deeper discount. For example, avocados and zucchini are generally cheaper in the summer. 


    • Use a smaller cart or basket
      Using a smaller cart or just a basket has a psychological effect. When grocery shopping, most people think they have to fill their cart up. However, if you use a smaller cart or basket, then you’re more inclined to purchase only what you need. (See you later, impulse purchases!)


    • Prepare your own ingredients
      To save money on meal prep, you can buy a block of cheese and grate the cheese yourself. Another example would be to use days-old bread to make your own breadcrumbs. Buy the big carrots and then chop on slivers for your version of baby carrots. 


    • Keep your meals as simple as possible
      The fewer ingredients of your meals, the less stress and the less money that you’ll spend. Think easy meals like chicken and vegetables, salads, or even some simple casseroles. What starts to get everything adding up quickly on the old pocketbook are the recipes that have 15 different ingredients where you’re constantly running out to the store.
      Meal prepping doesn’t mean that your food has to be boring and tasteless but there are a lot of easy recipes that you can cook up that have 4 ingredients or less.


Money Saving Tips For Meal Prepping, Easy Budget Meal Prep Advice #mealprep #mealprepping #mealpreplife #mealpreptips #mealprepideas #mealprepsundays

As you can see, there are simple ways to save money when meal prepping. As long as you’re keeping your eyes open when you’re out and about shopping, you’re certain to stumble upon great food deals that can result in a huge savings on your grocery bill. Every penny that you save ads up and pay off in the long run!

Do you have any money saving tips for meal prepping?


Money Saving Tips For Meal Prepping, Easy Budget Meal Prep Advice #mealprep #mealprepping #mealpreplife #mealpreptips #mealprepideas #mealprepsundays